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Admission Criteria

The learner is not able to master the mainstream curriculum and would benefit from following the national curriculum for special needs schools, aimed at catering for learners with severe intellectual disabilities.
The learner may fall into a range of learning disabilities, such as: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, Williams Syndrome, Epilepsy, or ADHD.
The School potentially has a place available in the class and/bus route where the learner would be accommodated.
The admission of the learner to the School is deemed to be in his/her best interests.
Preference for admission will be given to children between the ages of 5 - 13 years.

Admission Procedure

If the learner is accepted, the School will send a formal letter of acceptance to the parents/guardian, who will be required to submit any further outstanding documentation.
The following documents are needed:
completed application form
birth certificate
school reports from the previous school, if applicable
a medical report from the physician on the learner's condition and medication
copies of any psychological and/or remedial assessments and therapy reports, if available
the transfer certificate from the previous school

An appointment will be made for the parents of the applicant to be interviewed by the Admissions Group, During the interview, parents will receive information about Dorothea School; the School curriculum; home and school partnerships and school administration. An initial needs assessment of the learner will also be done. During this meeting the school fees and transport fees that the parent/guardian will be required to pay will also be discussed. After the interview, the parent/guardian and learner will visit the classroom where he/she may be accommodated.

SCHOOL FEES FOR 2015 Per Year Per Quarter Per Month
For a family of 1 childR800.00R200.00R80.00
For families of 2 childrenR1,500.00R375.00R150.00
For families of 3 childrenR2000.00R500.00R200.00

TRANSPORT FEES FOR 2015 Per Year Per Quarter Per Month Per Week
For a family of 1 childR1,500.00R375.00R150.00R37.50
For families of 2 childrenR2,000.00R500.00R200.00R50.00

Dorothea Skoollied

  1. Buskut in vou berge blou
    in die hartjie van die Boland
    Lê knus 'n Moeder met haar kroos
    Spesiale kinders, o so broos.

  2. KOOR
    Dorothea! Gawe van God
    Vir ons gegee deur sy gebod
    Dorothea! Gawe van God
    Verander ons, lewenslot.

  3. Trots, toegewyd en liefdevol
    is personeel en leerders op die rol
    Omhoog brand die fakkel van hoop
    Wink 'n blink toekoms vir almal hoop.

  4. CHORUS:
    Dorothea! Gift of God
    Given to us by His Word
    Dorothea! Gift of God
    Bless us with Love! oh Lord

    Dorothea! Sipho ka thixo
    Esinikwe lona ngegama
    Dorothea! Sipho ka thixo
    Sikelela Love Bawo

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